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9/10/2020 - Internal Affairs - District Clerk

Updated: Jan 9

This week we set out on a journey trying to accomplish a couple of items.

#1 - Addressing the fines that were imposed on Kenneth from the courts.

#2 - Getting a better understanding of why the city of Fort Worth can justify missing records and just blow it off as it's all okay.

*Please remember when reading these blogs one thing that is very important to Kenneth is the protection of the victim and his family as well as respecting law enforcement. With that being said names and badge numbers will not be made public.

District Clerk Findings -

The original call to the District Clerks office left us with the understanding of the difference between a fine and restitution. A fine is imposed by the courts and made payable to the city.

Restitution is payment that would be made to the victim. Kenneth was imposed a $10,000 fine that would be paid to the city of Fort Worth NOT the victim.

It was originally communicated to me that the total fines assessed by the courts would total $595.50. The clerk that I spoke with didn't see the $10,000 fine originally however I pointed it out to him bringing the total fines due to Fort Worth $10,595.50.

It was communicated to me that once Kenneth was released from prison he could appear in the District Clerks office to set up a payment plan. I communicated the above information to Kenneth. We were both a little upset that the city of Fort Worth would make such a huge profit off of his poor choices however the victim and his family would not see a dime.

I am going to take the time now to express my thoughts on poor choices.

Even though Kenneth did not shoot the victim, he is fully aware that because he stole the truck for his accomplice that led to this man being shot in the face. Kenneth had no idea that Victor Pilot would resort to shooting GA to avoid being caught. Kenneth does however fully understand cause and effect.

So I contacted the District Clerks office again on 9/10/2020 to inquire on going ahead and setting up a payment plan for the fines. I was informed at this time they could not do that. I was instructed to let Kenneth know that once he was released from prison he could set the payment plan up himself. I reminded the District Clerks office to look at his convictions and see that he was sentenced to 2 life sentences stacked end on end and at this current time over 27 years later he has yet to make parole on the first sentencing, therefore making the reality of him being released from prison before death was slim to none. I was then placed on hold the clerk came back and advised me that I could make payments on Kenneth's behalf however they could not set up an actual payment plan with me. So now they want me to pay for the crime because I made the call? Interesting.... To say the least.

I have attached the instruction for making felony fine payments to this blog for future reference.

Once it was established that I could make payments on his behalf the next step was determining what the fine would be for each case. Below is the results...

CASE #0469922D Burglary of a habitat - revocation of probation - plead - $1142.00

CASE #0514295 - Theft of Stolen Property - 10 years on a plea - $164.50

CASE #0517382D - Aggravated Robbery - Attempted Capital Murder - $10144.50

CASE #0511349A - Aggravated Robbery - $144.50

Grand Total to be paid to Fort Worth - $11,595.50

Now is a good time to make note that while establishing the fines I discovered that when the court appointed attorney filed motions on KD's cases he filed a majority of the motions together and had the wrong case number on the Theft of Stolen Property - He filed all the motions on 0514395D and the actual case number was 0514295D.

Internal Affairs Findings

This is a very hard aspect of this investigation for me. I am 1000% in support of law enforcement so to even think of filing some sort of complaint against them at this time is absolutely heart breaking to me.

I did not set out to contact the Internal Affairs division - what I set out to do was find someone that could explain with a VALID reason why there was items of evidence missing from this police file. I spoke with the person in the police records department and was informed at that time I needed to contact internal affairs.

The detective that answered the phone was a breath of fresh air! I expressed my concerns about even filing a complaint to begin with and he assured me that I should not be feeling bad about this because that is what this department was intended for.

I gave my complaint over the phone and was instructed that the typical operations for internal affairs was to investigate allegations on current officers that were currently serving on the force. It was not a typical for someone to call in concerning an officer that is no longer on the force concerning a crime that happened over 27 years ago. The detective explained to me that he would need to speak to his superior and that he would contact me today with what the next step would be.

Starting over is defeating but our track record so far of making it thru is 100%!


Disclaimer: The content contained in this website, the email address, and phone number belong to me the creator and not the offender in question.

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