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Conversation with KD

Updated: Jan 9

Sleep didn't come easy for KD last night after finding out from the private investigator that the witness was willing to talk to him, then shortly changed her mind.

KD was very upset learning that the witness was scared. The last thing that he wanted was to make her feel that way. He called me up till midnight trying to hash these thoughts out in his head and how terrible he felt that she was feeling scared.

KD spoke many times on how he knows he was a piece of shit. After several calls and hours of talking back and forth KD decided the best thing as always was to put it in prayer. KD prayed for guidance and removal of fear from the witness.

This morning KD is some what better yet still has the witness and her thoughts and feelings in his mind. He knows that LA is terrified of him and he has tried to understand where she is coming from, however, that isn't easy when he was not the person that shot her husband. KD and I spoke on how terrible the justice system is and that the DA just wanted their conviction.

LA was not the victim in this crime. She was one of the witnesses, however, she is notified every time he becomes eligible for parole. KD mentioned how nice it would be if they also notified them of what each inmate was doing during their incarceration to become a better person.

I agree that it would be beneficial to witness's and victims alike for them to see positive changes in offenders. After all the penal code was designed to promote safety as well as rehabilitation.


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