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28 years later are we really dealing with a dangerous man?

Updated: Sep 23

I want to start off by introducing a simple house keeping rule. You are not only welcome to, but also encouraged to voice your opinion on this case, I am merely asking that you keep your comments productive and respectful. Anything outside of the aspect of this case will be deleted.

With all that being said welcome to Knox Files! This website and information is based off of the convictions of Kenneth DeWayne Keeble. This crime and conviction dates back to January 17, 1993 and took place in Fort Worth, Texas.

It is very important for everyone reading this to know that Kenneth was convicted in 4 different trials of 5 different crimes, but each of these crimes came piling up after he robbed an off duty peace officer.

Kenneth is not claiming that he is innocent in the crime, his claims are that he was not the shooter, and I cannot understand why the county did not bring the other suspect in for questioning when he was implicated. Kenneth has always admitted to hot wiring the truck, he left the scene in his own car.

Kenneth's other crimes are NOT a justification to pin some charges and an extra life sentence on a person and allow a very dangerous man to run free.

The convictions are as follows:

Crime #1 - 01-16-1992 - 0469922D - Burg Habit - 10 years

Crime #2 - 12-03-1992 - 0514295D - Theft Stolen Prop - 10 years

Crime #3 - 01-18-1993 - 0517382D - Agg Robbery w/Deadly WPN - 99 years

Crime #4 - 01-18-1993 - 0517382D - Att Cap Murder w/Deadly WPN - Life

Numbers 3 and 4 are a dual indictment

Crime #5 - 04-30-1993 - 0511349A - Agg Robbery w/Deadly WPN - Life

02-24-1994 - Sentenced for Charge #5

03-03-1994 - Sentenced for Charges #3 and #4

06-30-1995 - Sentenced for Charges #1 and #2

It is very hard to follow this case because there are multiple items of interest (possible evidence) that are mixed into all the cases. If you have any questions feel free to send an email. Just remember we are only looking at the issues in crimes #3 and #4!

Disclaimer: The content contained in this website, the email address, and phone number belong to me the creator and not the offender in question.


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