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Updated: Sep 23

There are absolutely no words for yesterday! The flood of emotions that came so quickly left several of us feeling completely numb. On a brighter note today is a new day and those of us that know Kenneth on a personal level and believe in him woke up today with regroup and start again in our minds.

Investigations in Kenneth's life have been on going with us for approximately 2 years now. In the beginning I would frantically search out information. I am not a lawyer - so I don't know the law, and I am not an investigator or detective so to organize an investigation is beyond me.

The information, leads, and questions very quickly started piling up. I joined several groups trying to reach out for help. I have my side kick Sherrie who came and helped me somewhat organize my piles of information and thoughts, which led me to this website/blog.

Today I have come to the realization that in order to get anywhere I must start from the beginning even if that means starting over. It would be absolutely impossible to catch up so from here on out I will be updating while I start over.

Yesterday may have been defeating but it is not the end!


I received the following message from Tim Tebow yesterday which I found to be very uplifting.

Hey lady, just wanted to share something I'm asked a lot about...

Maybe this is encouraging to you or someone you know. Not every prayer is answered in the way we want. Sometimes things happen for reasons we can't explain, that don't make sense or for reasons that seem unfair. If you're going through a tough time, know that it's for a purpose...

God will never waste your heartache. He will never waste your pain when it is given to him. If you have lost something precious to you, I can't tell you exactly the purpose of the plan, or what the future holds, but I will say that God is loving. God will never leave you or forsake you. And he can and will use even the bad to orchestrate the good. I hope you have a blessed day!

Disclaimer: The content contained in this website, the email address, and phone number belong to me the creator and not the offender in question.

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